Case study: Methodology


Businesses need to be innovative and creative to create a niche for their business operations. As competition is ever increasing, survivability of an organisation will depend on how well they respond to these challenges. One possible solution is project management, as using good project management practices can help organisations to better plan, organise, manage and control work, which leads to better performance and increased productivity.
Adopting a project management methodology.
The project management methodologies of organisations may vary but nonetheless will have a common project management language and framework across the organisation, often adapted from external standards like those of the PMI. However, management structures are different in every organisation and therefore one project management methodology does not fit all. Selecting a standard methodology that does not fit within the framework of the organisation may not achieve its promised benefits.

Your Task

This assessment item requires you to work in a GROUP of 2 or 3.
Read the following questions carefully, and present your recommendations for EACH of these organisations. Support your recommendation with detailed explanations.


i. Is implementing a project management methodology considered a management level activity? Who should be involved?
ii. Should the chosen project management methodology be implemented in its entirety? Please support your decision with an implementation plan.
iii. What issues might you encounter when implementing the chosen project management methodology?
iv. What should be done to address the difficulties faced in attempting to implement the methodology?
v. What benefits do you attribute to the use of the chosen project management methodo

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