Mental Health Job Application

Answer the following four questions as a mental health support worker working within the following 4 placements. Use knowledge and experience provided above and add more experience related to mental health support work. Demonstrate knowledge of criminolgy theories, social work and mental health theories. Use the following four areas as your work placements. Use headlines to discuss your contribution in each placement and the challenges you engaged and managed. 1. Working in a homeless shelter for youths (YMCA) 2.Working at a local drug rehabilitation center ( for people experiencing drug related problems). 3. Working with adults experiencing mental health problems at high and low secure units 4.Your own life experience. (your support skills should be reflected) Use words like, non-judgemental, empathy, building rapport, stereotyping, cultural differences, effective communication, maintaining professional boundaries, coping mechanism, working in collaboration, managerial skills, team work, being assertive, understanding, experiencing difficulties and etc

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