Mental Health

Conduct a mental health assessment, provide  advanced supports, facilitate family and carer participation in the recovery process.

Task 1 50 marks

Research indicates that the involvement of a carers and family members can aid in the recovery process for clients with a mental illness. Burge (2007) states that:

“When family & friends stay actively engaged the person with the mental illness is more likely to avoid some of the more devastating outcomes of the illness such as social alienation, interaction with justice systems, homelessness and the development of chronic relapse patterns”

Utilising the client/case study you have nominated from your workplace (or another service that provides assistance to consumers and carers), discuss the merits of Burge’s claim.  Please include:

  • An example of a Recovery Plan that you have compiled (utilising the information and input of a person experiencing mental health issues) and that has successfully incorporated specific roles for family members and carers.
  • A description of your role in engaging, supporting, encouraging and reviewing/monitoring the involvement of carers in the client’s recovery process.
  • An evaluation of the client’s progress and the client’s and carer’s effectiveness of this involvement.

Task 2 50 marks

Utilising the same case study information, you must complete a report which includes the following:

  • Utilising the information and resources of other relevant practitioners, you are  required to:

Plan, conduct, review and describe a comprehensive assessment with a person who is experiencing mental  health issues.  In conjunction with other relevant practitioners, you are required to formulate a relevant diagnosis, utilising a relevant and current DSM IV/V.

  • On the basis of the diagnosis formulated above, you are required to Design,implement and review a comprehensive Recovery Plan. Include in your response all  the methods of support selected and evidence used to support the efficacy of these methods.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the recovery plan.  Include in your answer a description of any barriers to recovery that were encountered and how these were addressed.

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