Medicine and Health

Q1: Investigate and report on the number of scientific publications that discuss brain imaging [consider all imaging modalities] for the tracking of stem cells in vivo. In your answer address the following points:

  1. State the types of imaging modality used and how often they are reported in the context of stem cell tracking. How many research papers or reviews report on PET or SPECT??
  1. Have any stem tracking studies using imaging been undertaken in humans??
  1. What isotopes and tracers or ligands have been used??
  1. Are there publications where more than one brain imaging modality has been discussed?
  1. What are the 10 most frequently cited publications dealing with the subject matter of brain imaging and stem cell tracking in vivo?(use the web of science)

Q2: State in your own words (in 500 words) what is the greatest challenge in tracking stems cells in vivo?

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