Choose a well-known branded product with which you are familiar.

  1. Brainstorm and identify at least 10 keywords that a person might use to search for the product or the brand.
  1. Search for the product on at least two different search engines.
    1. What’s the product’s position in natural search?
    2. What is its position in paid search?
  1. Use the Google Adwords’ keyword tool to assess your 10 keywords.
    1. How accurate were the keywords you chose? 
    2. If any of your chosen keywords were not in Adwords, explain why you think they were omitted
    3. What key words should have been should have been in your top 10? 
  1. Make at least 2 recommendations for the managers of the product to help them improve their organic search rankings on the search engines you studied.

Submit a 2 page paper with above requirements detailed.

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