Marketing Management (MKT5MMA)

Marketing Management (MKT5MMA) Individual Assignment Case Report
You are to prepare a case report as a critical reflection and strategic plan for a company of your choice listed on the
ASX and positioned between the 200-300 level by market capitalisation. This means the company is in the ASX 300,
but not in the ASX 200. Many are emerging companies and seeking growth. A list of the companies is available on the
The report can be based on desk research, secondary research and primary research (i.e. ethnographic and
netnographic observation only). Your first task is to provide a critical review of your chosen company and its marketing
strategies (situation analysis). Your critical review is based on synthesizing readings from relevant company reports,
databases, industry and government reports, websites and newspaper articles. Your second task is to analyse
consumer insights about this company and its brands (or a specific brand) and, drawing on the situational analysis
and observational findings, develop a strategic analysis and recommendations.
This individual project allows you to test and advance your ability to understand and analyze a marketing situation,
identify an opportunity, develop a strategic analysis and recommendations. It requires the demonstration of marketing
concepts and strategies. To work on this critical reflection and strategic plan, we suggest you focus on the following
three main activities:
1. analysis of the market situation;
2. marketing strategy formulation;

The case will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
the quality of the analysis — extent of sources and evidence presented?
the detail in the strategic analysis
the feasibility of recommendations — do they follow from the study?
evidence of mastery of the frameworks, concepts, and methods developed in the course
the effectiveness of the written presentation of the report

The Marketing Management (MKT5MMA) course will cover all three areas to be covered in the assignment and will
equip you with the necessary concepts and skills. Please also check the Suggested Outline below.
Word length 2,500 words +/- 10%
Assessment Task 1: Individual Assignment

SectionsMarks Allocated
1.Cover Page: Include Title, Student Name, Date of Submission0
2.Executive Summary: Provide a brief summary of your report. Keep
your main points in mind as you write the summary. You do not need
to include every point in the summary, but ensure that the major
ideas are covered succinctly [words are not counted from this
3.Introduction and Background:
Provide background details on the company you are featuring in
the case and why you have selected the company. You might
cover: History, Products, Financials, Distribution, Competitors etc.
Use factual information to present the current situation analysis of
selected business and pertinent background including a synopsis of
the relevant information. It should include:
a. Key marketing issues/Goals/Problems
b. Data Analysis (analysis in appendix and summary info only
in body)
Situation Analysis
Review the current situation and assess the external environment
facing the business. Take into account frameworks that support such
4.Critical Analysis of existing Marketing Mix Strategies (4Ps):
After reviewing the information that you have identified on the
company, critically analyse the position(s) that are stated and
challenge them based on alternative evidence or positions. These
may be theoretically or philosophically based on the marketing
5.Recommendations: These should flow from your critical analysis and
proposed marketing strategy. You can identify an existing
opportunity (an unfulfilled need, perhaps) in the market, propose a
new business (or product, or service) that can address it, and design
strategy and related tactics for launching it.
6.References, Presentation and Appendices: Assignments are to be
submitted as a single Word file document. Attention should be paid
to grammar, writing style, and correct referencing (use Harvard
Referencing Style). All charts, financials, visuals, and other related
items are to be included in the Appendix.

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