Managing Healthcare Workforce Online Class

Discussion – Week 1

Mrs. Jackson’s Dilemma

The emergence of human resources management as its own department is a relatively new development in many organizations. While HR has not always existed as its own department, businesses and organizations—particularly those in the health care field—have always had a need for human resources management.

In this week’s Discussion, you will examine a case study that illustrates how HR responsibilities were handled before the existence of HR departments. Then, you will consider the related challenges in the health care field.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Read Chapter 1 in the course text, focusing on the historical reasons for the emergence of the HR department, especially within health care organizations.
  • Read Chapter 2 in the course text, and examine the various roles and responsibilities the HR department can fulfill.
  • Review Chapter 3 in the course text. Focus on the legal framework pertinent to human resources management.
  • Read the article, “Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship,” and consider how the existence of an HR department benefits an organization and its employees.
  • Review the case study “Mrs. Jackson’s Dilemma” in Chapter 1 in the course text. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages—both personal and organizational—of Mrs. Jackson’s involvement in hiring new nurses.
  • Think about how the existence of an HR department in the hospital would help to address some of the disadvantages you identified. Would the HR department’s involvement in hiring new nurses have the same advantages as Mrs. Jackson’s involvement?

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