Goal setting

1.     To get a specific goal, you must answer the six “W” questions, please list them:








2.     A challenging is goal frequently easier to achieve than an easy one.   (Why?)


3   As a supervisor, it is important to establish performance requirements for each employee and ensure regular evaluations are completed.  Why?




1.     What makes one strategy better than another?



2.     What role does corporate culture play in Strategic Management?



3.     Do extremely small businesses (less than 10 people) need to develop strategic plans? (Why or Why Not?)



4.     Name a successful business and state the elements of their strategy that you believe contribute to their success.



5.     Is the strategy of the company you work for defined at the top and communicated downward or is it an interactive process where all employees contribute (a)?  How should strategy be developed and communicated (b)?





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