Management Of Chronic Disease Assessment

Management Of Chronic Disease Assessment


This should include a definition of what chronic disease is and an explanation of your chosen/allocated condition, along with a brief overview of its epidemiology and etiology.

The introduction must also outline how you searched for academic evidence to support this portfolio to answer the learning outcomes for this assessment (500 words).

A search strategy outlining the relevant search terms you used, the research databases you searched and the number and type of results you obtained should be provided. This can be given in a table format to ensure you stay within the word count for this section.

Portfolio Entry 1

Describe the pathophysiology of the allocated condition, supported by relevant academic literature. (500 words)

You must demonstrate your ability to understand the anatomical and physiological changes that occur for your allocated condition. This should include describing normal physiology and the changes that occur at the cellular, tissue/organ or bodily system level in relation to your allocated condition. This must be evidence-based using appropriate academic sources.

Portfolio Entry 2

Write a 2000 word report

Select One Symptom And

1. Explore how this could affect the patient in the scenario (see the module learning units) (500 words)

2. Evaluate one assessment tool (consider its advantages/ disadvantages) (750 words)

3. Based on the best evidence, discuss the nursing management required to enable the patient to maximize their health and well-being, and self-manage their symptom.

This must demonstrate a holistic approach (physical, emotional, social, and spiritual). You should include a reference to the support of family/carers and the role of other members of the multidisciplinary team and the voluntary sector where relevant. (750 words)

Portfolio Entry 3

In this final section, summarise the key aspects discussed in the portfolio and make recommendations on how learning may influence your future practice (approx. 500 words)

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