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The student will have to identify an organizational operational challenge and propose a management approach based on one, or more, management models and theories presented in class. The challenge can be of any type: administrative, distribution, finance, production, customer, innovation, change, leadership, teaming management, etc. The organization can be an existing organization or a hypothetical organization of any type of activity and in any geographical place. The management approach must use one or more (in combination if needed) management models presented in the class or related to the course, and shall address in the solution with creativity and effectiveness. An introduction to the challenge, the approach selected, the way to implement it and the expected results have to be documented. The student has the freedom to address the challenge based on the type of management strategy he/she selects. Success indexes shall be associated with the expected results where needed, and the overall implementation approach shall include graphs, charts and or tables that can present the architecture and thinking. There should be a clear delivery of the student’s own creativity on selecting or combining the best management practice(s).

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