Management information systems (MIS)

Management information systems (MIS) is considered to be the heart of an organization. The MIS is very critical for managing data and making access to information throughout the business (David & David, 2017). The strategy is formulated by higher management Vision and Mission statement. The implementation of approach is taken care of by middle and lower level managers who make plans and projects to realize long and short term goals. The MIS helps to dissipate the information across the entire chain and make everyone aware of the strategy. By MIS, employees are informed about the progress and can contribute most effectively. It helps to coordinate activities amongst the department and people who are remotely located. It makes the task easier for management to align the entire organization towards the same goal and communicate freely. The MIS helps to synergize the efforts and have consistency & accuracy of data. All these help in effective implementation of projects and contribute to business success. It improves the analysis of data to guide the team in the right direction. The decision query & decision support system further enhances the implementation of strategy in the business.

Management information system impacts strategy implementation efforts in the following ways:
It assists the strategy implementer to understand the business strategy with clear definition and specification for proper execution
It helps the managers to remain updated with the proper implementation schedule and the milestones that need to be achieved.
It captures all relevant data necessary for strategy implementation.
It helps the managers to keep a watch on strategy implementation and its impact on the overall business process.

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