Management Information Systems / BIT203

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Course Name/ CodeManagement Information Systems / BIT203
InstructorDr. Bilel Elayeb, Dr. Nazia Shehzad, Dr. Myriam Bounhas

Spring 2020
CLOs as per the Syllabus

All CLOs

For details of marking scheme, refer to Rubrics # ACA/F11.05

Note: This Project accounts for 40% of the Student Final Grade.


  • You are required to accomplish your work individually.
  • The required phases should be documented in a report using MS-Word.
  • The project report should include an introduction, the body, a conclusion and future work and a list of references.
  • The report should not exceed 15 pages.
  • soft copy (Report Word + Presentation) must be submitted to the instructor by E-mail.
  • The Soft copy of the Report Word should be uploaded to the Turnitin Moodle Website (

Each student should follow and achieve the following tasks:

Task 1:

  • Choosing a real firm / organization for the project.
  • Provide a general description about the Management information Systems used in the organization.

Task 2:

  • Describe the IT Infrastructure of the organization including the hardware, software, operating systems in the organization.

Task 3:

  • Discuss how the Database models effected the business processes and the impact of using the different database models on the business.
  • Describe the number of devices used in the organization and the networking technology used for communications in the organization. (LANS, Intranets, Extranets, Wi-Fi access points, etc.)
  • Summarize the security techniques used to secure the database and the network in the organization.

Task 4: Presentation

Each student should present his/her work in front of his/her classmates. The following are some guidelines to help you plan your presentation:

  • Brief description about the organization.
  • Description about the Management Information systems within the organization.
  • Describe the IT Infrastructure (Hardware, Software, Networking, Database, etc.)
  • Overall evaluation of the Information Technology and Information Systems in the organization, and any suggestions needed to enhance the business processes done by the IT.

The evaluation of your presentation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of demonstration.
  • Utilization of time.
  • Awareness of the contents being presented and the response to examiners’ questions.

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