Logistic Concerns a Disaster Planner Would Have to Address Discussion

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1. List some of the logistic concerns a Disaster Planner would have to address as he/she develops an emergency operations plan for this county.

2. Think about a man made event such as a bombing or shooter situation. Discuss the eight-step design process of the event you selected and apply it to a functional exercise. Use the steps to build the foundation for a functional exercise. This is the FEMA 8-step process:

1. Assess needs

2. Define Scope

3. Write Statement of Purpose

4. Define Objectives

5. Compose Narrative

6. Write major and detailed events

7. List expected actions

8. Prepare messages

These are reading assignments may it will help you..

Reading Assignments-3


https://preptoolkit.fema.gov/documents/1269813/1269861/HSEEP_Revision_Jan20_Final.pdf/65bc7843-1d10-47b7-bc0d-45118a4d21da?t=1580851559070 (Links to an external site.)

ESSD Resource Inventory

https://training.fema.gov/programs/essd/curriculum/1.html (Links to an external site.)


By now your respective groups have done the basic brainstorming about the seminar and TTX. Keep your advisors in the loop and ask questions.

Every exercise planner has to take resources into consideration. (You can’t use what you don’t have). That will certainly be the case doing your group work, so this week we will spend time working with documents that help guide that process.

Pull out your notes from Foundations so we can discuss how the HVA / THIRA plays into exercise development.

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