LOG355: Air Freight Management

Changi International Airport (SIN) and Dubai International airport (DXB) are some of the busiest airports in the world in terms of cargo throughput handled.

(a) In not more than 500 words, interpret the performance in cargo throughput processed at these airports.

(b) Do you agree that air freight handled at these airports are correlated with economic cycles? Illustrate with examples in your answer using not more than 500 words.

  • form a sound reasoning by developing those key points in a clear, logical and succinct manner;
  • provide proper and adequate in-text citations and references to content drawn from course materials and other credible sources;
  • strictly follow APA formatting and style guidelines1, in particular for:
  • in-text citations and end-of-report references;
  • the identification of figures and tables;
  • use, wherever relevant, the specialized vocabulary and terminology commonly used in discussions about the topic(s) covered by each question;
  • provide a reference or bibliography at the end of the main report;
  • include the less relevant details in an Appendix;
  • use sentence constructions that are grammatically and syntactically correct;
  • are free from spelling mistakes; present the workings, numerical formulations and results in a logical manner that follows the APA formatting and style guidelines;
  • design and present graphs, diagrams and plots that follow the APA formatting and style guidelines;
  • are highly original;
  • have proper formatting, which may:
    1. include a properly formatted cover page;
    2. respect the answer length/word count set out in the assignment guidelines, if any is prescribed;
    3. present answers in paragraphs with proper spacing and page margins;
    4. include page numbers and appendices, if necessary.

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