legal and ethical issues 3

1. DQ #1 (Chapter 3) – DUE 06-23-20; Initial Post not later than 06-03-20 Dealing with Value Conflict Identify one of your core values as it relates to ethics in counseling. Illustrate how this value could either enhance or inhibit the effectiveness of your counseling. Demonstrate how you might proceed to lessen the chances that you would impose your values on this client. How might you resolve a value conflict and use a referral as a last option?

Requirements. APA format, 12 font Romans, 350 word.

Reguired reference Textbook ISSUES AND ETHICS in helping professions by Gerald Corey, Marinne Schneider Corey, Cindy Corey, Patrick Callanan 9th Edition.

2. Assignment: 1. Students will select a minimum of 10 but not more than 15 of the terms below that are generally associated with legal and ethical issues in counseling and develop a collage. 2. The collage can be of pictures and/or clip art and assembled as per the format below. 3. After assembling the collage, students will provide a brief narrative which explains: 1) what principle or term the picture represents; and 2) why this principle is important. In other words, if explaining this picture to a middle school student how would you relate it to ethics in psychology. Students should be able to complete each narrative in a few sentences. 4. This assignment will be completed and submitted as a Microsoft WORD document, 12 Pt. Times New Roman font, single spaced. A PDF or other format will be accepted. 5. Students are encouraged to Be Creative! 6. Since presentations will be made over several days, student’s must upload their projects the day of, but not later than midnight the day after their presentation. 7. This research project is worth 75 Points toward your final grade. 8. Students will provide a separate source page for the pictures or clip art used for this assignment. No personal pictures will be used for this project. 9. Students will provide a brief conclusion paragraph (2 to 3 sentences) of what they learned from the assignment. 10. The terms from which students will obtain visual images for their collage are as follows: Non-Maleficence Informed Consent Confidentiality Duty to Warn Transference Countertransference Beneficence Justice Fidelity Values Ethics Morales Integrity Respect Virtue Ethics Gate Keeper Role Mandatory Ethics Dual Relationships Veracity Empathy Sympathy.

Purpose of Research Project: Students studying Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling and Therapy are generally required to demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic principles and terminologies used to identify the fundamental doctrines in the mental health profession. The purpose of this assignment is for students to combine research, narrative and creative skills to develop a collage using many of the terminologies that are associated with ethics in the mental health and counseling profession. In doing so, students will develop visual connections to many of the ethical concepts in counseling which can be of benefit when practicing their profession in real time.

Format. The following narratives will speak to the pictures from left to right. For example picture #1 will be the sunset and picture #2 the woman exercising and so forth. Picture #1 represent emotional wellness. This is important to one’s health because emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength. Picture #2 represents exercise. Routine exercise has many health benefits includes weight loss, increase in energy levels, brain, and memory health, etc. Picture #3 represents a sedentary lifestyle. This can cause health a number of health issues in the long run including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Picture #4 represents spiritual wellness. This is important because………………… Picture #5 represents cultural wellness. Cultural wellness provides………………………. Picture #6 represents the environment. Climate changes impacts the environment in many ways including………………

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