Leadership and Fiscal Management of HealthCare Systems

Assignment #1

1. Read: Nurse engagement and the triple aim: Improving quality, cost management, and patient satisfaction by empowering clinicians on the front lines of care: Exploring how proactive efforts to improve nurse engagement can provide return on investment for hospitals and health systems (https://nursegrid.com/).

a. Discuss three key points about each of the following concepts: quality, cost management, patient satisfaction

b. Conduct an online search and identify five apps or online programs that assist nurse managers broadly with financial management or specifically with quality, cost management, or patient satisfaction.

c. Critique the apps or online programs for the following and determine which of the selected sites is most applicable as a management tool.

i. Home Page Usability

ii. Task Orientation

iii. Navigation

iv. Forms and Data Entry

v. Page Layout and Visual Design

vi. Writing and Content Quality

vii. Trust and Credibility

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