Langara College Social Movement Research

Question Description

paper will be an in-depth exploration of one social movement, from the past or present, from India. You will explore various texts in order to increase your understanding of the social movement. Possible areas of inquiry include: What are this group’s goals? What are they critiquing? What are they proposing? What are the barriers to actualization of this change? Who and what is involved? Your final paper will be 8-10 pages (double-spaced). Further details will be discussed in class.


  • Sources are relevant to the topic and appropriate for study
  • Topic is researched and described in sufficient depth
  • Effective synthesis, making logical connections between resources and social issues
  • Minimum of 5 references are required, formally referenced(APA format)
  • Content
  • Clearly defined focus and arguments
  • Fully explore important aspects of the topic in sufficient depth and detail
  • Comprehension of research, explained fully, clearly, and accurately
  • Reasoned arguments supported with evidence and analysis
  • Application of theories to social issues
  • Recognition of broader implications of social issues
  • Depth of critical analysis

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