Lack of Integration in Healthcare Supply Chain

It is a report written to a manager to analyse the situation of the organization explaining why inventory cost was estimated to be 10% higher than the previous year.
The scenario is: a healthcare organization that introduced erp (my SAP) to the system but it failed due to many reasons, including:
Lack of integration, technical problems, cultural issues, employees resistance to the change, the project team,……etc and bullwhip effect as a result
1. intro about the importance of IT in healthcare 
2. why sap( good reputation of the company……..advantages of SAP in similar health organizations…etc.
3. bullwhip effect as a result of the wrong implementation of SAP(high inventory level that)
4. why wrong implementation:
Technical issues:
Cultural issues:
Possible solution to mitigate the bullwhip effect
Recommendation or lessons learned from the experience of wrong erp implementation

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