KF7028 Research & Project Management

Programme:MSc Computer Science
MSc Advanced Computer Science
Module Code:KF7028
Module Title:Research & Project Management
Assignment 2 – Professional Reflection
Distributed on:Week 1 commencing 28th January 2019, Semester 2, 2019/20
Time and Date:
11th May 2020, by no later than 23:59 hours
Word Limit:Maximum 2000 words, excluding appendices, title page, contents list, references list
and appendices.
WeightingThis is an assessment. INDIVIDUAL piece of work contributing 20% towards the module
Submission of
Soft copy only, via Blackboard assessment portal
Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA): Please note if your assignmentThe post KF7028 Research & Project Management appeared first on Assignment Freelancers.

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