Jack was a university student at USQ who decided to work on a cattle station in the Northern… 1 answer below »

Scenario Jack was a university student at USQ who decided to work on a cattle station in the Northern Territory over the holidays. His parents were reluctant to let him go but they eventually agree. The station owner and Jack’s employer sent Jack out to a remote waterhole to check the condition of the cattle. The truck Jack was driving broke down and because his mobile phone was out of battery he could not phone for help. Sadly Jack died and the understandable emotional shock felt by his parents on the news of his death resulted in them suing Jack’s employer for emotional injuries. Assessment task Does the station owner owe Jack’s parents a duty of care? In your answer refer to applicable case law. 2. Agency (this part is worth 15%) A key issue in the law of agency is the authority of the agent. In order to bind the principle by the actions of the agent, the agent must have been acting within some level of authority. The authority of the agent comprises: • Express actual authority • Implied actual authority • Ostensible authority You have a small problem scenario, but this time dealing with agency. The same instructions apply, addressing the research question and methodology. You are simply adapting the requirements to address this new research problem.


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