ITECH 7400 IT Service Management

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Assessment 1
ITECH 7400 IT Service Management and
Professional Culture
Ethical Discussion Forum
The purpose of the critique is to help students develop a knowledge of ethics.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Task: Post 1 (10%) + Post 2 (5%) = 15%.
Post 1 – Ethical Theories 1 and 2 – Due: Week 4 – Friday 10, April 2020, 4:00 pm.
Post 2 – Professional Ethics – Due: Week 6 – Friday 24, April 2020, 4:00 pm.
Minimum time expectation: This task will take approximately 20 hours to complete.
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: K1 – K4, S1 and
Assessment Details
Case Study
Robotic surgery sounds like the ultimate in safe, efficient and effective 21st-century health care.
Instead of a surgeon’s potentially fallible human hand, you have a robot with its precision-bui

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