ITC505 Project Management

Note to Students:

Please follow the instructions carefully. Important instructions are always in red.
There is a checklist of item/s you need to do – tick them off as you go.
For submission of your work, follow the instructions carefully.

Lecturers in Study Centres may require you to submit your work through Turn-It-In system.
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ITC505 Project Management
This is your Assignment 4 Case Book.

Every assignment will come with a similar case book, you can download it from Interact2 subject site (DOCX format).

Name of Student: _________________________________________________________

Checklist for Assignment 4

This checklist serves as a list so that you do not forget. You do not have to hand this casebook up to your lecturer/tutor.

  • Task 4.1 – Risk Planning (6 marks)

  • Task 4.2 – Project Progress and Results & Close Out (4 marks)

Powerpoint Presentation & Submission (5 marks)

  • Task 4.3 – Finishing Project & Realising its Benefits (4 marks)

The learning outcomes of this assignment is to enable you to:

– research and critically evaluate how a practising IT project manager applies IT project management techniques, project management skills, methods and software tools in the IT industry;
– understand and apply appropriate communication practices within a project management context;
– research and apply established IT project management principles, skills and techniques to a case study.

The Case (for your convenience)

A philanthropist has decided to renovate and equip state-of-the-art buildings near a university campus in the following areas:For Melbourne students: Building located on Little Collins Street in Melbourne CBDFor Sydney students: Building located on Riley Street off Oxford Street in DarlinghurstFor Brisbane students: Building on Albert Street in Brisbane CBD
For Port Macquarie students: Building on Major Innes Road in Port MacquarieFor Online students:  Building is along Estella Road, Estella (Wagga Wagga)

This person, who wishes to remain anonymous is planning to give an entire building space for the purpose of university students’ accommodation and related amenities which will include a dining café, recreation area, library, mini-theatre, underground multi-level secure bicycle and car park, gym and indoor pool. There is also a floor dedicated to health and beauty services, medical & dental clinic and a multi-faith prayer room and counselling services. These amenities and space is available to all 500 resident students only.

A building next door which is accessible to the public includes a supermarket, pharmacy, a newsagent, an event hall and a 24-hour restaurant. Public bus services and taxis are available easily outside the building.

For the project this session, your focus is on developing a system for entry-exit into the 24-hour dining café which serves a number of cuisines round the clock. All food and drink is included in the annual residential fee. However, for kitchen control purposes, a recording system of some sort is required and this is part of the task.

The project also seeks to poll residents the type of cuisines they want so that an appropriate changeover can happen in the next quarter.
For the purposes of this assignment if you do not want to name the cuisines – you may use Cuisine A, Cuisine B and so on. It can be provisioned in a multi-caterer environment or a single contractor environment. You will need to plan how to roll out services of this dining café starting January 2020.

Unfortunately, a previous company running this project has gone bankrupt and this project is abandoned. All their company executives and ex-employees are no longer around for hire. Here are some of the conditions that they have worked upon which your team must continue to honour due to contractual obligations with the university.

  1. The café is to be operated by four big food providers:

Australia Fried Chicken (serving fried chicken, chips and salad)
SandwichWay (serving open sandwich with a multitude of add-ons)
Hungry Kebabs (serving kebabs and meat platters)

Rice, Lentils & Curries (serving savory food from the Asian sub-continent)

  1. All outlets will have to be open 24 hours, 7 days per week. However, menu may vary after hours.
  2. All food and drinks are included in the annual residence charge. There is not to be any financial exchange. No takeaways are allowed. Guests may be permitted into the café area if accompanied by a resident student.

Task 4.1 : Risk Planning (6 marks)Task 4.2 : Project Progress and Results & Close Out (4 marks)

Task 4.1 and 4.2 is included in the same presentation.

Solve the following problem in team discussions and note your presentation mode:

Option A: Create a MP4 file that explains your solution. Presentation should not run more than 5 minutes. Any presentation after 5 minutes will not be considered. Reference List on last slide need not be read out. It can be one student presenting or a combination of students presenting. You can use Powerpoint 2013 or later to do this easily.

Option B: Present in a scheduled class time. There is no limit to the number of slides but your presentation time is limited to 5 minutes. Any presentation after 5 minutes will not be considered. On campus students – your lecturer will schedule your presentation time.

Project Update:

The university management discovered that during the last quarter many resident students took leave of absence from their studies. The lesser number of students impacted cafeteria operations. The management would like to brainstorm and find alternatives to manage the cafeteria during the “summer period next year” (Dec-Feb). An example would be to reduce the number of outlets or reducing the menu items, etc. There is a possibility that some students will resist such options.

The Cuisine Poll Management System is not ready yet. Therefore, the management does not have a tool to identify top cuisines offered by each outlet.

Your team is asked to identify all risks and possible strategies to mitigate. Prepare a Risk Planning sheet for the above scenario AND any other risks that your team may identify. Marks are awarded for identifying different types of risks. Present this using any Risk Planning template your team may choose to adopt. You do not need to submit this template for assessment/presentation.

See 4.2 below for further details.

Risk Assessment Template Sample is available here

Technical Note for Study Centre network users only: If you are unable to access the file from the link above, copy-and-paste the link onto a browser (Chrome/Firefox).

You may want to read Chapter 11 before attempting this section. You are also encouraged to attend the lecture where you can ask questions and more information would be given out by the lecturer to aid you in your risk management process.

The following literature may be of benefit to your team. Your team should also research and cite other examples to be presented.

Lo Nigro, G. & Abbate, L. (2011) Risk Assessment and Profit Sharing in Business

Networks. International Journal of Production Economics, 131(1). P.234-241


(End Task 4.1)

Task 4.2 : Project Progress and Close Out

In the same presentation, present a project progress and close out.

Begin by reporting :

  1. Briefly your original plan was (this is what you put forward in Assignment 2.
  2. How that plan has changed (or not changed) through your discussions in meetings.
    This is the Agile “Sprints” that you have done.
  1. As a team, report your learning experience through cycles – what was your reason
    for change, how was the decision reached and what have you learnt from a team
    activity in a sprint.
  2. Present your Project Risk Planning strategies and statements (you can use a modified chart/template)

(end Task 4.2)

Task : Powerpoint and Presentation (5 marks)

Submit your work before deadline for this assessment.
On campus students to present this in class. The lecturer will arrange the schedule.

Task 4.3 :
Knowledge Management Feedback Form (Realising Benefits) (4 marks)

This section onwards is an individual effort. To be entered in the journal.

Answer the following question.

4.3.1 Write a close-out customer feedback form for the project you have just completed. (You may use Exhibit 15.2, page 504 as a guide)

Write this out in the journal. If you are planning to use a scale, you may use one of the styles below.

  1. Sample Question Here

Rating 1 (Poor), 2 (Quite Poor), 3 (Average), 4 (Good), 5 (Very Good)

  1. Sample Question Here

Rating 1 (Strongly Disagree), 2 (Disagree), 3 (Neutral), 4 (Agree), 5 (Strongly Agree)

(end Task 4.3)

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