Issue of Homelessness in USA Paper

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You have two options for the final paper, and each are worth 100 points. Option 1 would be to compose an ethnographic, qualitative, phenomenological, sociological analysis of your own “self” concept, including the factors which have influenced it (your upbringing, experiences, interactions, memes, socializations, conflicts, successes and failures). Option 2 would be to select a social problem of your choice (homelessness, poverty, racial profiling, etc.), and to design a detailed intervention to address it; this could be a non-profit organization, a volunteer program, anything you can imagine! Both options will draw heavily from course readings (course concepts and theoretical tools), lectures, and discussions and have no predetermined (prefabricated) structure. I’d advise NOT simply summarizing the full content of the course in this paper. This paper should be roughly 4 times as long as the weekly response papers, as it is worth 100 points.

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