introducing philosophy

Here are the paper topics you can write about for your first typed essay (1600 words), due. Feb. 25 (a Tuesday).

1. Freud versus William James on belief in God. You can choose to write about someone other than James if you want to. Thus, you can write an essay on Freud versus Kierkegaard or on Freud versus Tillich. If you want to, you can write your paper in the form of a dialogue.

2. Plato versus Aristotle on the Forms.

3. Locke versus Leibniz on innate ideas.

4. Descartes versus Locke on knowledge.

When you write your paper limit yourself to the passages in the books we have read. (Introducing Philosophy and Freud’s Future of an Illusion. Read the passages carefully. I am not interested in you summarising articles you can find on the internet or from other books.

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