Information Systems and Knowledge Management

Information Systems and Knowledge Management


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Research Paper

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Address is how ethics, human resources and talent, and knowledge management contribute to the overall performance of the organization. Pick three (3) specific concepts, one from Unit 4 Ethics, Unit 5 HRM, and Unit 6 Knowledge Management—and then address them within each section of the assignment.
• describe the purpose of the paper including the specifics of what will be covered in the body. Typical length is 150 to 200 words.

Theory–Article Deconstruction
• Apply MEAL to deconstruct the selected three articles.
o Main points for each article. Include at least three but no more than five points.
o Evidence. What type of data is presented? Is it factually supported or an opinion?
o What are the sources of data?
o Analysis. What type of analysis, evaluation, or application are presented in the article?
o Linking. How well do the authors in each of the articles convey their ideas, facts, analysis and support? This gets at readability of each article
• Typical length: 300 words per article.

Case Study Application
• Select a Fortune 500 company for your case discussion. AMAZON
• Based on your analysis of the articles used in your research, present and align concepts to the specific case organization.
• Typical length: 400–600 words.

• What conclusions can be drawn from the theories presented and the evidence applied to your case study organization? The conclusion is typically 150–200 words.
• This section of every paper pulls together theory and application.

• Use the assigned readings from Unit 4–6 and supplement with other literature to support your research.
• Be a minimum of 1200 words in length: this is three double-spaced pages, excluding the cover page and reference list.
• Follow current APA guidelines for style and format, including a cover page and headings.

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