inequities in health

Essay instructions:

Introduction ( 300 words strong introduction, provide definition of discrimination at the beginning )

The major focus of this essay are:
1. Reflect upon one or more of the conceptual framework/s (WHO Commission of the Social Determinants of Health 2008 and/or The SEKN Model of Social Exclusion) and the topic. ( 400 words, 15 marks)

2. Consider how discrimination operates at multiple levels in society , such as
(1. intrapersonal level, such as internalized feelings of shame), 2. interpersonal (friends, families), 3. community level (support groups for transgender people), and 4. national level (policies, anti-stigma campaigns) ( 1000 words use many literature to support each of the 4 ideas, 15 marks)

3. How these produce inequities in health (poorer mental and physical health and lower life expectancies than people without disabilities, give many example of studies to support this idea) ( 500 words, 15 marks)

Conclusion ( you have to sum up all the main points in the body around 300words)

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