individual report focusing on communication management

This is an individual report focusing on communication management and team leadership in managing all stages of the project life cycle. Specifically, this assignment requires students to think about the cultural diversity in contemporary project teams and how project managers can effectively manage cultural diversity in the project team for the benefit of projects. Following scenarios and questions will help you guide your thinking.

Scenarios: Select a scenario from the list below.

  1. A project manager leading a cultural diverse project team in delivering a domestic project.
  2. A project manager leading a project in another country which has a different culture from Australia
  3. A project manager leading a global project with teams from multiple countries.

Questions: Select one of the above scenarios and use the following questions as guiding questions to develop your essay.

1. Why is managing cultural diversity important in contemporary project management?

2. How do project managers effectively lead multicultural project teams? Discuss how cultural diversity of the project team/ project stakeholders could be integrated into the project planning, execution and monitoring and controlling phases.

3. How do project managers effectively manage conflicts in multicultural project teams?

4. What key advice would you give to a project manager who is managing a culturally diverse project team?

In general, you are required to,

– Read the relevant course material and additional scholarly literature on managing projects with a special focus on cultural diversity in projects, communication management in a multi-cultural environment and virtual project teams etc.

– Reflect on the literature on project management specifically on concepts, processes, skills, and methods and your experience in managing projects in organisations including your experience in managing the group project in Assignment 2 if you worked in a culturally diverse group.

– Identify, critically discuss and provide insights into the skills, competencies, and behaviors of project managers that underpin project success in a multi-cultural environment. Present your arguments/recommendations concisely based on your reflections

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