Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

Use the news articles provided, Identify and analyse the key social determinants of health presented in the article. Relate these social determinants of health to the contemporary health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The discussion should be supported by relevant literature and statistics.
Essay guideline
1. Introduce the chosen article and the all the social determinants of health to be discussed in the essay.
2. Analyse the social determinants of health that relate to the health of the Indigenous population today using appropriate literature and statistics to support the analysis.
3. Conclude the essay with a summary of the impact these social determinants of health have on the health and welfare of the Indigenous population.
4. Use peer refereed sources only (e.g. Not Wikipedia) to support the discussion. Assignments that do not just rely on the statistics presented in the article will attract higher marks. Students are NOT to use “the solid facts”.
5. It is expected that presentation of the essay and referencing will be in accordance with the Faculty guidelines (Marks will be lost for incorrect referencing).
6. The Bibliography is to be attached and not to be included in the word count.

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