in this 2 3 page paper you are going to discuss in detail what the second mountain is and how do we go about climbing it 2 3 pages

David Brooks’ The Second Mountain – 20%

The first mountain, in his view, is about satisfying the ego and achieving worldly success. David Brooks believes our society has shifted too much toward individualism over commitments to one another. He describes it as a shift from the “We’re All In This Together” moral ecology of the post-war years (following World War II) to the “I’m Free to Be Myself” mentality. The pressures of social conformity of the 1950s had huge drawbacks, not the least of which was limited acceptance and rights of women, minorities and LGBTQ groups.

So, in this 2-3 page paper you are going to discuss (in detail) what the Second Mountain is and how do we go about climbing it? (2-3 pages)

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