Impact of HPWS including HR practices on Relational coordination in health care organizations

The above is the main research question that I working on at this stage. Developing a literature review understanding the impact of high performance working system (HPWS) or some may mention it as High performance management system ( HPMS) on Relational coordination in health care organization.
a literature review writing should be followed structuring the task writing. It need to have background of 3 main components ( 1- Performance management covering “Performance management – performance management in health care – high performance management system- HR practices that influence performance management” 2- Relational coordination “Relational coordination background – relational coordination in health care and its importance – relation between relation coordination and HR practices – relation between relational coordination and performance appraisal process” 3- Health care system covering ( Health care system in Ireland- health care system in Saudi ( under the scope of Performance management and Relational coordination). In the literature arguments should be developed for both with and against and synthesizing an opinion is always important.

The module should go this way
Performance Management <—> RC —->Health care organization system.

Its important to identify argued factors that are input in the module impacting performance management system influencing both ways to RC and backward. All in which would impact the outcome of a healthcare organization system.

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