IMC Campaign Plan

Having completed Assessments 1-3 and based on feedback from your lecturer in these earlier assessments you will now need to revise and consolidate these assessments into a single written IMC Campaign Report.

Again, remember this is an Agency pitch. Please note that this is not a simple cut and paste from Assessments 1-3. It must be theoretically sound, contain a good story line and aim to persuade your audience as to the strength of your IMC Campaign program.

Make sure your IMC plan is well structured with headings and is fluent and interesting to read to ensure time poor executives (CEO/Leadership Team) can understand the key components and actions. You must ensure that you have atleast 25 academic references included. Although there is no budget restriction on this project, you will need to propose a preliminary budget for your IMC Plan, detailing the spend for each channel – A simple table format will suffice. Remember, that the budget only relates to the amount of money you need to address the specific issue covered by your IMC Campaign Plan. It is not an IMC Campaign Program for the entire organisation.Second, you are required to prepare a short video presentation of 10 minutes outlining the basis of your case to the Chief Marketing Officer and other senior management of the organisation.

The video presentation is designed to present persuasive arguments that will convince your potential client to select your organisation to develop and manage the IMC business issue causing problems for your potential client organisation. Both the written IMC plan and the video presentation should be a ‘selling’ documents in that it convinces the CMO and the leadership team that your firm can help to effectively deal with the IMC related issues.

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