IBS 101 ASU Chin Transsion Holdings Mobile Phones Paper

Personal Research Project:

50 Points

  • APA or MLA Essay format, include all bibliography and references.
  • Include the assignment page as a cover sheet.
  • Double space your text. Use Times New Roman Font 12.
  • ONLY WORD DOCUMENTS are accepted for this project as TURNITIN cannot evaluate other file formats. (Your score cannot exceed 25% on the originality check, if it does, it will be carefully evaluated.
  • Grammar and spelling are part of the grade. Please, use the Writing Center if needed.
  • Title:Please, include the name of your country, name of the company and the product you have selected as the title
  • Headings: Use headings and subheadings to organize your assignment (review the rubric)
  • Introduction and Conclusion: Developed an effective introduction to your research paper. An introduction should set and a thesis statement should be clearly defined. Your introduction should be intriguing and inviting.
  • Data Resources: Use only resources that have been validated either by the government, a legitimate industry journal, erudite author, or an educational institution. DO NOT USE THE TEXTBOOK as a reference for this assignment.
    • Include resources and references as requested in each assignment – Without proper quotes and references your paper will not be graded
    • Every research paper must include 3-4 sources. Internet sources must be peer reviewed and legitimate or they will not be counted as valid.

Requirements: Review the grading rubric for specific scoring criteria.

Regional Integration:

  1. What is your selected country’s foreign trade policy? What is their strategic trade policy?
  2. What trade barriers challenge this country?
  3. Are they affected by any trade sanctions or embargos? How, explain
  4. Is your country a member of the WTO? How does it benefit the country, or is it a drawback? Explain
  5. Is this country part of any regional Trade agreements? Please explain the advantages and/or disadvantages these agreement might have on trade in general.
  6. Is this country part of any trade agreements with the USA? Please explain the advantages and/or disadvantages these agreements might have on your business venture.
  7. Discuss any other implications or considerations that could potentially impact trade between your country and the USA?

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