I have poject about International Business course.

My instruction:


I have to do “1 PowerPoint slid” about Brazil country and “half page paper”. I want you talk about 4 recourses that Brazil have and what international companies that import and export from Brazil.




This instructor instruction:

Preliminary Country SurveyWrite-up and Presentation:


The country survey helps in selecting the country for the final project and is a team project. Teams should obtain general background material on their country of choice and briefly present this information in both written and oral form to their colleagues and the instructor. The half page single spaced write-up should summarize data for businesses interested in opportunities in that country. This write-up is data heavy with graphs and charts to indicate how you made your decision. No prose is required for this write-up, but teams should present data efficiently. Teams should also bring a sufficient number of hard copies of their survey to the presentation for each class member and the instructor.

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