I have a film appreciation class that the teacher requires a 5 page essay and presentation about a film(pulp fiction)

some of the things the professor is looking for

I can email the rest of the assignment.



So, DIRECTORIAL STYLE means analyzing a film from the director’s point of view, including motifs as they present themselves in the:  


Direction of camera (shots, angles, lenses, movement)

Collaborating with cinematographer (lighting, color, resolution)

Mise en scene (production design, scenic design, era, mood, props, costumes, hair and makeup, proxemics)

Editing Style (When to cut?  When not to cut?)  Types of cuts internally within a scene.  Cuts from scene to scene).

             Sound Design (diegetic and non-diegetic:  score, tunes, ambient, sound effects, foley)

             Acting Style (Method, Hollywood Glamour, British)

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