hw499 Purdue University Nutritional Supplementations Capstone

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please post the links to 3–5 websites that could be useful to your area of professional focus to your website. Write a 3–5-sentence introduction, discussing how they can be used for your professional goals. Post the introduction on your website, also Using the Center for Health and Wellness website healthandwellness@kaplan.edu as well as the Health Science resource room library as a jumping off points, pick an area in this field that is of interest to you right now. It might be a follow-up from an earlier project or something that you have come to be more interested in as you’ve been progressed

through the Health and Wellness program.

For your project, you will create a PowerPoint for a 20 minute talk to a group of lay

people at a health center in your community. You will be discussing some issue having

to do with vitamins, herbs and/or nutritional supplements. As you prepare:

1. Discuss how you can find out more about this topic. Be sure to include peerreviewed journals, the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

(NCCAM) website and at least on other source.

2. What educational resources are available that you can recommend? Online

lectures? Websites? Newsletters? Learning modules?

3. What recommendations do you want to give regarding this topic? Why? Be sure to

cite your sources.

4. What precautions do you want to be sure to discuss? Why? Again, cite your sources!

You will then post the PPT with an introduction to your Webs.com website. After

publishing your PPT onto your Webs.com website, please post your website address to

the entire class and include a brief description of what you added or changed

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