Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Final Exam Part I
Case Study due April 17 2020
Read and respond to the following case study.
Human Resource Management
• • •
Company Information
Meheden Manor Inc. is a holding company that deals in business
related to land and real estate. There are three divisions of the
company. These divisions are as follows:
1. Residential real estate division that purchases and then rents
property to residential tenants.
2. Renovation division that manages and completes renovations on
properties that are either to be rented or resold.
3. Commercial real estate division that purchases and then rents
property to commercial tenants.
Employee Information
Meheden Manor started as a single owner and has grown to employ
22 people in various capacities. The major categories of work are
office staff (5), skilled and semi-skilled trades (11), and grounds
keepers (6).

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