HS 171 San Jose State University Healthcare Management Questions

Question Description

There are 8 questions about health care management in the file. Please answer them in 1-2 sentences for each question.

Please answer the following questions, with no more than 1-2 sentences per response.  Responses need not be longer!

  1. What one recommendation would you propose to make the biggest impact in lowering the costs of managed health care provision in the U.S.?  Why? (4 points)
  • Would you recommend expanding Managed MediCal in California?  Why or why not? (4 points)
  • If you were an MCO executive, and were asked to make a single recommendation for managing the cost of chronic disease management in the U.S., what would that recommendation be?  Why? (4 points)
  • You are a managed care executive for one of the three largest U.S. health insurers.  What is your basic stance on regulating or not regulating prescription drug prices?  Why? (4 points)
  • You are an advisor to the current Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  You are asked to make one recommendation to improve Medicaid’s effectiveness.  What recommendation will you make, and why? (4 points)
  • Imagine: You are stuck in an elevator for two hours with the Chief of Utilization Management (UM) for a for-profit MCO with 10 million members.  Before the elevator doors open, you have the opportunity to recommend to the Chief of UM three proposals to improve UM for her MCO.
    • One recommendation must be related to prescription drug utilization.
    • One recommendation must be related to hospital inpatient utilization.
    • One recommendation must be related to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) utilization.

What are your 3 recommendations?  Why have you recommended each? (12 points)

  • President Trump has just appointed you the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Consistent with President Trump’s views and political motivations, what one law will you attempt to change, in an attempt to improve the affordability of health insurance?  Why? (4 points)
  • You have been given $5 million to market Kaiser health insurance to new college graduates in California.  Briefly mention how you will spend the $5 million in an attempt to motivate new graduates to sign up for Kaiser health insurance.  Include a brief rationale for your marketing plan. (4 points)

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