How has their marketing and external presentation / perception changed over the life of the company

Analyze how this company has adapted their management structure in response to market or external demands. How has their marketing and external presentation / perception changed over the life of the company? How has Wall Street reacted to the changes that the company has made? What recommendations do you have for the company moving forward?

Format of case study and presentation: 

Written Report Format: Times New Roman, 12 Pt font. APA Format, no more than 10 pages (including references)

Presentation: MS PowerPoint, no more than 10 slides

Case Study # 2 Publicly-Traded Company

  • Select a Publicly-traded company
  • Brief description and history of the company, financial background, products, and customers.
  • How has the management structure changed in response to market/external demands? Explain the changes and what prompted the changes
  • How has the marketing function evolved as the company changed/grew? Has the outside perception of the company changed since inception?
  • How has Wall Street reacted to the company as it has evolved?
  • What recommendations would you provide the company in moving forward?


  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary – a brief one-page summary of your analysis
  • Background:
    • Company history
    • Financial background
      • Current Stock Price
      • 52-week High/Low
      • 3- month trend
      • 6-month trend
      • EBITDA
    • Products/Services
    • Customers
  • Management structure (any changes)
  • Marketing function and perception of company
  • Wall Street reactions
  • Recommendations for the future

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