How does this event relate to the art of Theatre I had to watch a theater play and write about that.

How does this event relate to the art of Theatre

I had to watch a theater play and write about that. The play was “The Triangle Factory”
The story is famous so, it is easy to be found. The only difference is that the play happened in a big room where they set the stage on each wall of the room, they interacted with the audience inviting some people to participate of the play as secondary characters. You should also say things about the intensity of the play. Please build the text following these instructions below:

EXPLANATION (1 st Paragraph)

What event did you see? (Include the type of event, the title of event)
What department or organization sponsored the event?
What was the location of the event? (room, address, or building)
Which performance did you attend/ (Day and time)

REACTION (2 nd Paragraph)

How was the experience? What worked best in the production for you? (This could be a specific actor or a design/technical element – costume, light, set, sound.)
What did not work for you? What was your least favorite aspect of the event?


How does this event relate to the ? Draw direct correlations with what you have learned so far about the art form.
How might this event be featured in a cinematic or theatrical piece? Do not limit your answer by thinking about budget or possibilities. They are endless.


How did the audience/spectators respond to the performance/event?
What was your overall feeling when leaving the event?
Will you attend another event like this? Would you attend an event that is different? Why or why not?


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