High levels of alcohol and substance abuse as the health issue

the subject area is Public Health.
Here is the question and the description:
Assessment question:
You have recently taken up a position as a public health practitioner or SCPHN in an area that has suffered from economic decline over the last 10 years. There are high levels of unemployment and the area is in need of regeneration. The public health team have conducted a Health Needs Assessment and the following health concerns have been identified: high smoking rates, low breast feeding rates, high levels of alcohol and substance abuse, high levels of obesity, high teenage pregnancy rates, high rates of sexually transmitted infections, high levels of mental health concerns and low levels of physical activity.
You have been asked to prioritise and target ONE of the above topics.
Working in partnership with local people and agencies, how would you support the local community to improve their health and wellbeing in relation to this priority and how will you ensure that any new initiatives are sustainable?
In a 6,000 word essay you should provide an in-depth critical analysis and evaluation of ways in which the module theory could be applied to practice, in order to plan and implement new initiatives, highlighting some of the potential challenges that could be faced and how these could be overcome.

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