Herzing University EHR Implementation Memorandum

Question Description

Assume the role of the manager in a small physician’s practice. The practice includes three physicians, one nurse practitioner, three medical assistants, and a front desk individual. Due to the passage of the HITECH Act, the practice is in the process of identifying the best electronic medical record program for implementation. In order to transition to the new program, the manager needs to research, prepare for, and implement the change. Throughout this course, each unit assessment from units 1 – 6 will encompass an aspect of this change, culminating with the creation of an overall plan for the change process.

Instructions: Taking into consideration the scenario above, draft a memo to the staff regarding the new EMR implementation plan. The memo needs to be informational and needs to include the reasons for the change and a proposed plan of action.

Include the following content in the memo:

  • Title of plan
  • Estimated time to complete plan
  • Reasoning behind the change
  • Proposed plan of action and information on the change process (This should be a “big picture” summary – the plan will be developed in more depth in a later unit)
  • Contact person for questions and concerns (This should be you, as the office manager in the scenario)
  • List of at least 3 potential questions and answers (FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Expected start date of the plan
  • The next step in the process

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