Herzing Practice Manager Contract Ethical and Legal Issues Discussion

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Scenario: You are the practice manager of a large multi-specialty group practice. At your monthly leadership meeting, the Director of HR and Operations stated the practice would be changing landscaping companies. Since you know the Director personally, you know that her ex-husband owns the current landscaping company, and her son just started the landscaping company she’s suggesting now be used.

In concise, essay format, address the following points:

  • Explain the ethical and/or legal issues at play in this scenario.
  • Explain how you would handle receiving this information in the meeting (would you speak up, or say nothing?).
  • Explain how you would handle this information after the meeting (would you talk to someone, if so, whom?).
  • In a closing paragraph, provide your recommendation for how the practice’s landscaping contract should be handled. Include all relevant details and steps that would need to be taken to fulfill your recommendation.
  • On a separate reference page, include a minimum of two scholarly sources.

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