How can Jordanian hospitals improve their sensitivity when breaking bad news to patients

It is the responsibility of the student to consider and carry out research that adheres to ethical principles of research.

This form is designed to assist the dissertation student in considering the ethical issues related to their research.

Students should complete this form and discuss it with their dissertation supervisor/facilitator prior to data collection.

If, following review of this form, amendments are agreed to be necessary, the student should provide the dissertation supervisor/facilitator with an amended version of the proposal.

  1. What are the objectives of the dissertation/research project?
  1. Do you intend to use secondary data that is not in the public domain? YES/NO (please circle).
  2. If YES, please state how you will gain permission to use this data.
  1. Do you intend to collect primary data from individuals or data that are identifiable with individuals? (This includes, for example, questionnaires and interviews).
2.       Yes3.4.       Please go to Question 45.       No6.7.       Please go to Question 14
  1. What is/are the research population(s)?
  2. Does your research population include vulnerable groups (e.g. children)? Yes/No (please circle).   If YES, please state how you intend to manage the process.
  3. How will participants be selected and recruited?
  1. How will informed consent be obtained from potential participants?
  1. How will confidentiality be assured for participants?
  2. How will anonymity be assured for participants?
  1. How will data be stored and what will happen to the data at the end of the research?
  1. Are there any risks (physical or other, including reputational) to the researcher or participants that may result from taking part in this research?
  2. Researcher : YES/NO (please circle)
  3. Participants: YES/NO (please circle)

If YES, please specify and state what measures are proposed to deal with these risks.

  1. Will data be obtained from a company or other organisation, for example, information provided by an employer or its employees? YES/NO (please circle).

If NO, please go to question 15.

  1. Does the research involve NHS patients, resources or staff? YES/NO (please circle).
  2. If YES, students are required to obtain NHS ethical approval before the research can start. (Note: Obtaining ethical approval is the responsibility of the student)
  3. If YES, please go to Question 15.
  4. Does the organisation have its own ethics procedure relating to the research you intend to carry out? YES/NO (please circle).
  5. If YES, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that these procedures are followed prior to starting the research.
  6. What steps are proposed to ensure that the requirements of informed consent will be met for that organisation? How will confidentiality be assured for the organisation?
  7. Is the proposed research likely to involve any of the following?
Particularly sensitive topics?YES  NO 
Use of deception?YES  NO 
Access to confidential personal data?YES  NO 
Psychological stress, anxiety, etc?YES  NO 

If YES to any of the above this must be discussed with your dissertation supervisor.

  1. Are there any other ethical issues that may arise from your conduct of the proposed research?

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