Health, Stress and Coping

Task A. Answer the following learning objectives

1. Distinguish between the various social-cognitive theories of health behaviour.

2. Describe the barriers to health promotion and preventative health.

3. Discuss the nature of the relationship between stress and health.

4. Describe the major strategies for coping with stress.

Task B: Complete the following Life Events Stress Test and answer the associated questions

1. Name and describe the major stressor in your life

2. Describe a possible coping strategy that could be used to resolve this stress

3. Discuss whether you would use others [disclosure] in your stress resolution

Task C. Either describe the most interesting/surprising aspect of the chapter or apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future work life).

Word count:_____


Each assessment involves the following three tasks:
1. Task A: Answer the learning objectives [about 100 words per objective – usually four (4), so that’s 100 x 4 = 400 words].
2. Task B: Complete a tutorial or online activity with specific questions to be answered [about 200 words]
3. Task C. In about 100 words, apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future life).

Burton, L., Westen, D., & Kowlaski, R. (2015). Psychology (4th ed.). Milton, Australia: John Wiley. You can use either the 3rd or 4th edition, but the 4th edition, which is the latest edition is recommended

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