health services written assignment 1 page

I upload chapter 5 powerpoint file below. If u need to know somthing, u can look at it.


Chapter 5 includes a discussion of Ambulatory Health Services.  This written assignment is designed to bring your course learning to life!

Find an ambulatory care facility in your community.  Then, write a one page, double-spaced paper (excluding header and title) that addresses the following:

  • a description of the facility and the services that it provides (1/3 page).
  • an explanation of the role that this facility plays in providing the community with necessary care.  This information should be based on textbook materials. (1/3 page).
  • your expectations for this facilities future growth or obsolescence based on your textbook reading (1/3 page).

Avoid plagiarism!! Use APA format and citation with appropriate references provided.  Everything that you need to know about citations and references in provided in the Course Information folder. 

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