Health sciences and medicine

The Admissions Committee is interested in hearing the story of your academic journey.

To this end, please write a short essay (three to five well-written paragraphs) that describes to the committee your previous academic experiences and your future goals.

The following prompts are possible ways to organize your thoughts.

1.) Early influences. What internal forces (beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors) and external forces (people, events, or circumstances) helped to shape your decisions and performance earlier in your collegiate experience?

2.) Current influences. What internal and external forces have shaped your recent collegiate experience (if applicable) or your recent desire to return to college?

3.) Future goals. What are your academic and professional goals?

Why have you selected your major of choice?

Why do you think Stevenson is a good fit for you to pursue your academic goals?

What have you learned from your academic journey and life experiences and how will these lessons positively influence your future academic experience?

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