Health Science

Hesc 101- Personal Health Assignment

1. Health Essay- this is an Individual Assignment:
A. Write an essay on a health topic of your choice. This assignment will provide each student with the opportunity to further explore and enhance their own health knowledge. Choose a health topic you are interested in exploring, perhaps one that relates to a health behavior you wish to change or improve such as exercise, nutrition, stress, etc…

FORMAT of Paper:
� 3 pages MAXIMUM of content (clear writing), AND � to 1 page for references (4 pgs total) double spaced, 12 point font, with citations, APA style- See Owl Purdue website.

B. For this paper, select and use at least two sources/articles that discuss your topic. One from research/medical journals (pub med/Medline) and another from the media (newspapers, etc.). NOTE: On our course site is a Library Resource Tab with Video�s and links to search engines.
PROMPTS: please respond to these in your paper
� What are the conclusions/findings of the article/source? Do you agree with the findings?
� Are there differences in the way the health topic is used, or what it means to different groups (e.g., academic researchers, professional caregivers, everyday people, and different ethnic groups)? Do they agree on how to define the health topic?
� What is your opinion on the topic? Support it with the sources your reviewed.
� What questions are you still curious about?
C. Cite your sources- APA format- see web link Owl Purdue if you are unaware of APA format.

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