Health, Safety, and Environment Regulation in Ireland

The involvement of the company in the Irish offshore in the context of the farm-in to the Spanish Point license you have just dealt with has prompted the CEO to examine opportunities in that jurisdiction more broadly.

As part of this exercise he has asked you as Chief Counsel to prepare a briefing report on regulatory issues which will be circulated to the Board.

The report should explain the approach taken by the Irish regulators to health, safety and environmental regulation generally and should include a section dealing specifically with decommissioning. The section on decommissioning should discuss any provisions in Irish law relating to cost provisions as well as regulatory arrangements for the development and implementation of a decommissioning plan or programme.

Board members are familiar with the approach taken on the UKCS and would find comparisons with this jurisdiction particularly useful.

Board members are also very aware of recent developments on the UKCS in the shape of the establishment of the Oil and Gas Authority and are keen to know if there is any prospect of a similarly potentially interventionist approach by a state regulator in Ireland.

The report should be no longer than 5,000 words including footnotes and a full bibliography.

In terms of the layout and style of the report, please follow the guidance from your report-writing class. Pay particular attention to the reading ease and readability scores which should match a Board with mix of directors with first degrees in non-law disciplines, and those who have significant industry experience only. Include the Readability report as an appendix. The report should follow typical conventions and include a Table of Contents generated by Word.

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