Health Promotion Program

Obtaining the funding and/or approval to develop a program is often dependent upon one’s ability to clearly articulate each element of the proposed program. Proposing a health promotion program requires a well-thought-out plan that clearly identifies the health condition, target population, and anticipated activities.

Modules 2, 3, and 4 have covered the steps for planning and designing a health promotion program. For this Assignment,you will submit a proposal for the health promotion program you have been developing that meets a health need for a specific community.

In your 12- to 15-page proposal, you:
•Provide a brief description of the community you have selected.
•Provide a summary of the mini-needs assessment conducted to determine a priority health issue for this community. ◦The mini-needs assessment should be based on available statistics. (Primary data collection should not be conducted) 

•Provide a description of the primary socio-ecological factors related to the health issue.
• Identify types of resources for the program and community stakeholders with whom you would partner.
•Provide a description of the stakeholder collaboration strategy that would be used and explain why it is most appropriate for use with your chosen stakeholders.
•Identify at least one program goal and at least one objective.
•Identify the theory used to guide development of the intervention and provide a rationale for your your selected theory.
•Select an appropriate intervention strategy that targets one of the socio-ecological factors associated with this health condition and target population.
•Identify at least one specific program activity and explain how it would be used in the program.
•Develop a Logic Model for the program.

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