Health Promotion

Select and read one (1) of the journal articles listed below  that describes a health promotion concept or

strategy. Discuss what you learned about health promotion concepts and strategies from reading this

article and how public health nursing concepts learned in the course were reinforced.

Integrate what you have learned in the course into your discussion and cite at least two (2) of the course

resources (journal articles assigned or included in Extras on D2L, textbook, the Community Guide,

AHRQ, or other course materials) in addition to the journal article.

Discuss how you can apply one or more of the health promotion strategies or concepts described in the

journal article to your clinical practice. Discuss how you plan to continue to develop your knowledge

and skills in health promotion, and how you can integrate what you have learned in this course into your

future practice.

Please limit your paper to four pages, not including cover page and references. APA format is required.

Selected journal article is attached in the file named “Article for Health Promotion.pdf”. It contains the article “Medication Adherence in
Older Adults”.

2 course resources for additional citation are attached in the files named “Dickens article-source 1for citation.pdf” and “Theory at a Glance-source 2(for citation).pdf”. The full assignment description is in additional attached file named “Health promotion grading rubric.docx”.

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